A keypad lock is a type of locking device that uses a keypad to open the lock. Keypad locks are often used in commercial settings, such as office buildings or stores. Keypad locks can be programmed to require a passcode, fingerprints, or other biometric data. They are also considered to be more secure than traditional key-based locks because they cannot be picked or copied in the same way that keys can. As a result, keypad locks are an increasingly popular choice for businesses and homeowners who are looking for an extra layer of security.

Some of the most popular brands include Schlage, Trilogy T2, Yale, Unican, Simplex, EPlex, and Sargent Green Leaf.

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USA Lock & Key is a professional commercial locksmith service that has served many different types of clients in Las Vegas. We specialize in the installation and repair of commercial keypad locks and have experience working with offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses. We continue to provide our quality professional locksmith services at great rates.

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Advantages Of Keypad Locks

While traditional key locks have many advantages, keypad locks offer a number of important benefits as well. 

  • These keyless entry systems allow for quick and easy access, eliminating the hassle and frustration of lost keys. 
  • Keypad locks are incredibly convenient and simple to use, requiring nothing more than a simple code that can be easily shared with colleagues, family members, or trusted individuals. 
  • Keypad locks are highly resistant to both lock-picking and break-ins, making them a great choice for securing sensitive or valuable items. 
  • Keypad locks do not require costly rekeying when they become compromised; simply changing the entry code is typically enough to keep your belongings safe and secure. 
  • So if you're looking for keyless convenience combined with top-notch security, a keypad lock may be the perfect choice for you!

    Keypad Lock Services in Las Vegas

    When your keypad door lock isn't working properly, it can be a real hassle. Whether you're trying to get into your home or office after a long day at work, or if you're just looking to keep your property safe and secure, a malfunctioning keypad lock can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, USA Lock & Key is here to help. Our team of expert commercial keypad door lock technicians has years of experience providing top-quality keypad locks for our clients across the country.

    Whether you need to have a new keypad door lock installation done at business, or your existing lock is simply not functioning as it should, we can help. We offer comprehensive services that include taking care of everything from installing the locks themselves all the way to repairing any damage caused by forced entry. With USA Lock & Key, you can rest assured that your property is protected by one of the most reliable and effective commercial keypad lock systems on the market today. So don't hesitate – to contact us today and let us take care of all your keypad door lock needs!