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Commercial locksmiths’ services are a vital part of any business. If you’re in charge of a company, you need to be sure that your employees and clients are safe. Especially while they’re on site. In addition to protecting your employees and clients, commercial locksmith services also protect your business from theft and vandalism.

Why do we trust our lives and the most valuable possession of all. Our homes – to someone who we have never met? When it comes to office security, you need to know that it’s not just a question of your safety. But also your property. That’s why hiring a commercial locksmith is essential for ensuring that everything works as planned. 

There are many commercial locksmiths and various services available for businesses

If you own a commercial business, there are many locksmith services that can be helpful to you. For example, if your key is stuck in the lock and you need help getting out of your office or warehouse, a professional locksmith will be able to help with just one call. They also provide 24-hour emergency services and other types of assistance as well.

If you’re interested in improving security at your business, there are several options available as well. A good example would be installing new deadbolts on every door. This is so that all visitors must have keys before gaining entry into your building. Locksmiths can also install high-quality security cameras throughout the property. As well as motion sensors for added protection against theft or vandalism attacks from outside intruders.

Just call them and inquire what you need to know. If you need advice as to how you can improve your security in your business, any good commercial locksmith will be able to provide you with good tips. Don’t forget to do your research as well.

Commercial Locksmiths’ various services

Commercial locksmith services are offered to businesses and other establishments. You can use commercial locksmith services for the following situations:

Lockout Commercial Locksmiths’ Services

This service is available in case you lock yourself out of an office or a vehicle. A professional will come to you and help open your door, giving you access to it once again. This service is also offered if there is an emergency situation. Such as a break-in or robbery at the business premises. In these cases, the locksmith can create new keys as soon as possible so that everything runs smoothly again.

Commercial Locksmiths’ Rekeying Services

If there are too many keys floating around at your workplace or business premises (such as with janitorial staff), this may be an indication that rekeying should be done because it could lead to security issues down the road when someone loses their key and doesn’t know who else has one for that particular lock type/model

Optimization of Security

Of Course you want the best security system for your company. Whether or not it is an office or an outlet store, there will be things that you want to keep secure. You have to keep your items and your employees safe. 

Automotive Keys

Automotive keys are made of metal. Many different types of metals can be used to make automotive keys, including brass, steel, aluminum and nickel-plated steel. Automotive keys can also be made from alloys. For example, the key for a BMW may be made from an alloy known as “bronze.”

There are many reasons why people choose to have their car key cut at a commercial locksmith’s shop. Rather than by another person who may or may not have the proper equipment. In addition to being more convenient and affordable than going through a dealership (and most times cheaper than having your dealer rekey), professional locksmiths can cut you new keys with just about any type of material imaginable so long as it meets industry standards for your particular vehicle model and make/model year. This means less time waiting around while someone tries unsuccessfully to find what he needs in his personal collection of “special” tools!

commercial key duplication


  • CCTV. It’s not just for the police, but it can be used to monitor employees, customers and the building itself. This is especially useful if you keep a lot of valuable property on-site or have clients who want a safe space to meet with you.
  • Deter crime. Criminals may be put off by the presence of CCTV cameras, so if they see one when planning their next burglary attempt (or whatever other crime they’re planning), they’ll likely look elsewhere because they don’t want to get caught!
  • Identify criminals after an incident occurs by having tapes reviewed by experts. This will help identify suspects faster than would otherwise be possible without them. You need this to gather evidence that could lead to convictions in court cases related back to incidents involving unlawful access or theft from your premises. This will also help you identify which items were damaged or stolen so that you can either ask for them back or ask the assailant to pay for them.

Door Closers

Door closers are important to have in your commercial property. They’re used on doors that require frequent use. Such as those in hospitals and hotels. Especially where a door that isn’t locked can pose a health risk to the occupants of the building. Door closers also help ensure that these doors stay locked securely when they’re closed.

While it’s vital that you have the right commercial door closers in place, you also need to make sure they’re operating properly and in good condition. If your doors are constantly swinging open because of faulty equipment, then you could be putting yourself at risk of a lawsuit due to an accident or injury caused by these doors.

Fire Exit Units

A fire exit unit is a device that allows you to unlock all the doors in your building at once. Essentially, it’s like having an emergency key that unlocks every door in your building. They’re very useful for businesses with multiple entrances, especially those in high-rise buildings and adjacent structures (like warehouses).

They work by installing a small unit on each door. This communicates wirelessly with a master system at the entrance of your business or warehouse. When someone needs access to these areas—whether it be an employee who forgot their keys or firefighters responding to an emergency—they can hit the “panic button” on this master unit and instantly unlock all doors for them.

If you’re worried about security breaches happening because of false alarms, don’t worry! These systems are heavily monitored by our team members. They will only respond when they receive confirmation from us that there is indeed an issue occurring at one of our client locations.

Commercial Locksmiths Rekeying Services

High Security Locks installed by Commercial Locksmiths

High-security locks are also more expensive than standard commercial locks. They may also be difficult to break into, and are often used in banks and jails.

High-security locks include the following:

High security padlocks 

These are usually made of hardened steel with a weatherproof coating and a heavy duty shackle. They have a variety of locking mechanisms, including combination dials and keyed cylinders that can be opened by inserting a key into them (instead of by turning).

Master key systems 

These are bulkier than standard lock sets. They contain many keys which must all work together to open each door or compartment. Otherwise there would be no way for one person to open all doors at once!

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems are a convenient way to unlock doors and access secure areas. They’re available for homes, businesses, and vehicles. They can be used to control access to secure areas or buildings. This is by allowing specific people an easy way in through the use of keys, cards or biometric data. Keyless entry systems are often used in places such as schools, hospitals and offices. These places are where security is important and people need quick access to building rooms when they’re needed most.

Lockout Services

Lockouts are a common occurrence and one that can be very frustrating. Especially if you’re locked out of your home or car. If you find yourself in this situation, knowing the right things to do is essential so that you can get back into your property as quickly as possible.

You need to ask yourself how did I get locked out or how do people get locked out?

The most common causes of lockouts include losing keys. Also forgetting where they are/how many keys are needed for all the locks on a property. Or accidentally locking yourself out by locking a door from inside and walking away without realizing it. Locks may also require resetting after being exposed to harsh weather conditions such as snowstorms or rainstorms. Call commercial locksmiths right away if you find yourself in this situation.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are a type of access control. They allow you to control access to multiple doors with one key. This is done by having a master key that opens all other keys, which are called slave keys. Master keys can be made to open multiple slave keys at once. These are used when there are many different users or doors in a particular location.

Master key systems have been used by commercial locksmiths in hospitals, hotels and schools for years. They reduce the amount of time it takes for personnel to get where they need to go on their daily duties.

Panic Bars and Push Button Locks

Panic bars and push button locks are both door release devices that allow people to exit a building in an emergency. They are also used in high-rise buildings and hospitals, where it’s important to have a reliable way out of the building in case of fire or other emergencies. Panic bars generally consist of buttons on either side of the doorframe which can be pushed down by either hand or foot. They’re often designed to flip up automatically when released so that nobody has to hold them open while exiting or entering. Push button locks may look similar to panic bars but don’t need any extra handles as they’re activated by pushing down on them with your hand rather than pulling them up with your fingers (or stepping) like you do with panic bars!

High Security Locks

Rekeying Services

Rekeying locks is a useful service to help protect your home or business and make sure only authorized people can access the premises. Our commercial locksmiths can rekey all sorts of locks, including deadbolts, doorknobs and more.

To rekey a lock means to change the pins inside that allow it to work with a specific key. This helps ensure that no one else can use their old key on your new lock! It’s also an important security measure after someone has left or moved out of their apartment because it makes sure their former keys won’t let them back in again.

There are many reasons why you might want to rekey your locks:

  • To prevent break-ins by making sure anyone who tries using an old key will be locked out (even if they have copies). Rekeying stops this from happening because only one set of new keys would work for every door.
  • If you have had roommates or tenants move out and want updated keys so they won’t be able to come back inside anymore without permission first.
  • If you’ve lost your keys and you are scared that someone may have them and break-in.
  • If someone undesirable has copies of your keys.

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