USA Lock & Key has successfully installed a double cylinder deadbolt lock for a residence in Las Vegas. The homeowner was looking for a high-security option that would keep his family safe, and we were happy to install one for him. Today, we will be discussing deadbolt installation, types of locks, how they work, and why you should have one for your home.

What Are Deadbolt Locks?

Deadbolts are locking mechanisms that push a bolt into the doorframe and can be activated using a key, thumb-turn or electronic fob. They add another layer of security to doors and make them more resilient against brute force attacks.

How Does a Deadbolt Lock Work?

Deadbolt locks work by inserting a metal bolt into the doorframe that is reinforced with a heavy-duty strike plate. These strike plates can withstand high amounts of force such as a kick or a sledgehammer. The bolt of the lock is considered dead as the bolt will not move or be retracted from the doorframe without using the key, thumb turn, or electronic remotes, unlike spring latches in door knobs that can be jimmied with knives or credit cards.

Can a Deadbolt Still Be Lockpicked?

While deadbolts are the most secure locks, they can still be lockpicked by a seasoned lockpicker. Typically, burglars don't bother with picking a deadbolt lock as it is time-consuming and difficult to unlock. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting in 2019, 55.7 percent of burglaries are done by forcible entry meaning breaking a window or smashing the door down. While the act of manipulating locks or lock picking, which falls into unlawful entry, is only 37.8 percent.

Why Consider a Deadbolt Installation?

Deadbolt installation enhances security for homes and businesses, with a heavy-duty lock resistant to forced entry. A locksmith assesses and recommends the best deadbolt for your needs, ensuring proper installation for maximum effectiveness.

What Are the Types of Deadbolt Locks?

Deadbolt locks are the best and most popular types of locks on the market. They're used in many homes, apartments, and offices to lock doors, cabinets, and any other type of door or container that you want to keep secure. There are a lot of different deadbolts available for purchase, so it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your needs.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

A single cylinder deadbolt lock is the most commonly used lock for residential doors. It is designed to be activated with your key from the exterior and a thumb turn piece on the inside or interior side. This type of deadbolt works when you insert the key, turning it to unlock thus retracting the deadbolt, and allowing you to access the door. 

When installing this type of deadbolt lock, you should account for where you live, what your environment is, and your personal needs.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

A double cylinder lock is a far better choice for security than a single deadbolt lock. It is keyed on both sides of your door and will provide better safety and security. But it also has its drawbacks. 

We've stated that it is keyed on both sides of the door, interior and exterior. This means if there is an emergency such as a fire, there is a risk of being trapped inside your property. Double cylinder deadbolt locks should be installed by a professional as well as having a duplicate done by that professional. This ensures that whenever there is an emergency, you have a spare key inside your home to unlock the door.

Keypad Deadbolt Locks

Keypad deadbolt locks are the best of both worlds: easy access and better security. These types of locks offer a lot! For example, there are programmable user codes, visitor or one-time guest codes, lockout features that make the door inaccessible after five wrong inputs, remotes to unlock the door, and more. 

Another benefit of this type of deadbolt lock is that you can still open it manually with an emergency override key. However, there are also disadvantages when using this lock such as the batteries for your keypad locks being dead, the batteries for your remote being dead, you've lost your emergency override key and now you're locked out.

Single vs Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks: Which Do I Choose?

There's a lot of debate on the subject of deadbolt locks. Some say they offer the best in security, while others say they're more trouble than they're worth. So which should you choose?

Single-cylinder deadbolt locks are good for homes and businesses but can easily be accessed by a criminal if installed near a window. Double-cylinder deadbolt locks are more secure if you live in a bad environment but are hazardous if there are emergencies since you need to unlock the door from the inside first.

Keypad deadbolt locks offer a happy medium: they can be opened from either side, but only once the correct code is entered. They also offer the ability to add an extra layer of security by programming different codes for different people or setting up timers so that only certain codes work during certain times of the day.

Like most important decisions, there is no one right way to make this decision. The best option for you will depend on the needs of your family and home.

What Kind of Deadbolt Installation Should Get in Your Home?

There are many types of deadbolt locks to choose from. You'll want to install the right one for your home, depending on what type of security you need.

If you still are confused about where you should install a deadbolt lock for your home, we'll provide you with an example. For your front door, have a keypad deadbolt lock for your home, ensuring that the front line of defense is secured. Install a single-cylinder deadbolt lock for your backdoor or any designated emergency exit door for easy access. Lastly, use double-cylinder deadbolt locks for rooms where windows and glass panes are not within arm's reach.

All of these locks can be purchased online at home improvement and hardware retail stores but you can hire a locksmith service to install them for you.

Deadbolt Installation: Why You Should Have One for Your Home?

If you're looking to protect your home against intruders, installing a deadbolt lock is the best way to do it. This is because these locks are much more secure than other kinds of home door locks. You can have a single-cylinder deadbolt installed, which only requires a key to open and close; or you can install a keypad deadbolt lock, which lets you enter your home using a code; or you could even go for the security of a double cylinder deadbolt lock, which requires keys on both sides. No matter what kind of lock you choose, make sure to do your research first and see which will be best for you.

Need a Deadbolt Installation for Your Home? We Can Help!

At USA Lock & Key, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best locksmith services in Las Vegas, NV. If you need your locksmith-related problems sorted out quickly yet efficiently, at a price that won’t break the bank; give us a call. We have been in this business for many years with an unparalleled commitment to service excellence, quality, and being able to deliver customer satisfaction through our work. 

Our team comes to you you promptly and readily equipped because we know how important it is to get the job done right. We can install single-cylinder deadbolt locks, double cylinder deadbolt locks, and keypad deadbolt locks with ease! So if you're in need of a deadbolt installation, don't hesitate to give us a call today!