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Las Vegas, Nevada is perhaps one of the most well-known cities in the United States. Most people know at least a few things about it. Such as its reputation for gambling and nightlife. However, there are many other interesting facts about Las Vegas that may not be as well known. For example, did you know that it’s actually located in the middle of a desert? Or that the Strip is actually four miles long? Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating city!

9 Fun Facts about Las Vegas, Nevada

300 weddings a day!

The City of Las Vegas sees over 300 weddings a day. That’s an average of five per hour, 24/7!

If you’re thinking about tying the knot, then Vegas is definitely a place to consider. The city hosts over 10 thousand marriages per month with 300 happening every day!

Weddings in Vegas can be a cheap and quick affair. With no blood tests or waiting periods, you’ll only need to spend $77 for your marriage license – which is easy enough even if someone else helps guide you through the process! You could also get married by Elvis at one of many tiny chapels downtown; all under 100 bucks each…with tax included course.

Las Vegas. It’s a city that millions call home and for good reason – you’ll find nothing else like it on Earth! Be sure to explore all Las Vegas has offers from its stunning scenery, intriguing history (with some famous names), exciting entertainment value… But don’t drink any grey water out there; we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen because someone took an interest in exploring this interesting place as well!


150000 Hotel Rooms

When you’re traveling to Las Vegas, it is important that the hotel room is of good quality. The city has over 150 thousand rooms available and most offer great services at affordable prices with all amenities included in your stay!

When you’re looking for a place to stay while visiting Las Vegas, don’t worry. We’ve got more than 150 000 vacant rooms here! That’s not surprising considering how popular this destination has become over time (and also as an entertainment capital).

The number of guests staying at the hotel each night is increasing, but it still rings in at just under 12 thousand. That means there are about 92000 pounds worth of linen that need washing every day!


No longer the gambling capital

The city of Las Vegas used to be known as “the gambling capital of the world,” but now it’s surpassed that title.

With its reputation as one of the world’s leading gambling cities, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas has lost its title as ‘Gambling Capital Of The World‘. Macau now accounts for more money spent on casinos each year with their output surpassing even that found within Nevada itself.


Less than five inches of rainfall

Las Vegas is one of the hottest, driest cities in America. With less than five inches of rainfall per year, it’s no wonder that this venue often feels like a desert!

When you visit Las Vegas, don’t expect rain every day. The city sees an average of 4 inches or so each year but even during “rainy” years like 2017 with only 5 1/2Inches total rainfall ( despite the fact that it rained on Memorial Day weekend), there are still no worries!


Worlds Largest Nugget

Vegas’ Golden Nugget Hotel is home to the world’s largest gold nugget, weighing 61 pounds and discovered in Australia back when people went there just so they could do fun things like gamble! You can even see this giant rock free of charge at any time during your stay.


The Venetian

The hotels in Las Vegas are some of the world’s biggest. The Venetian takes second place, while MGM Grand is third – and there aren’t many other US spots for 12 out 20 major hotel-name logos on this list!


42 Million Visitors every year

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America and receives millions of visitors each year. In 2019, there were an estimated 42 million people who entered this city within Nevada; however, that number dropped due to pandemic-like conditions but it has started picking up again soon enough!


Abandoned City

The abandoned town of St. Thomas lies beneath Lake Mead, a reservoir that provides most of Las Vegas’ water supply. US government officials asked residents to leave in order for them to be able to flood this area and create an artificial lake; however, because it was not demolished instead became submerged below its new home.


Credit: Atlas Obscura

One slot machine for one resident of Las Vegas

There’s one slot machine for every four Las Vegas residents, but you can find them all over the city. With approximately 164,000 slots in total and 635 thousand people living there- it’s no surprise that Red Rock Casino has more than any other hotel or casino!


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