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If you’re looking for something to do in Las Vegas other than to gamble and party, check out these amazing historic places! Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these sites have something to offer for everyone. Here are some of the most popular historic places around Las Vegas!

Nevada’s Historic Sites and Landmarks

Floyd Lamb State Park

Deep within Floyd Lamb State Park, is a seemingly prehistoric oasis of grass, ponds, and cottonwoods. A place where the bustle of city life rapidly fades away as you slow your gait to take in the abundance that the state park has to offer. It’s a nearby place to escape the realities of each day and enjoy the serene nature after which Floyd Lamb took his namesake. It is home to many prehistoric animals that once roamed the Las Vegas Valley. Pleistocene-era mammals visited Tule Springs Ranch, not by Indiana Jones, but still an impressive list of animals such as mammoths, bison, horses, camels, giant sloths, and more. In 1916, Floyd Lamb State Park‘s springs became a blacksmith shop for prospectors. It was also a divorce retreat in the 1920s.

Whether you want to experience a scenic picnic area or host a family barbecue, Floyd Lamb State Park provides a variety of opportunities to have fun with your family.

Floyd Lamb State Park Las Vegas Nevada


Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Historic Park

Las Vegas was once a dusty mail service stop between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. The Mormon Church built a permanent structure in 1855. These adobe buildings, like the beige and red house, are the oldest non-Indian structures in Southern Nevada. That pile of bricks is Las Vegas history. The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort is near the Cashman Center and the city’s cultural corridor. The Mormon Fort is also near the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, where you can learn about world history. Exhibits cover ancient Egypt, wildlife, and dinosaur fossils. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum offers shark feeding, living history productions, weaving, and spear-throwing.

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Historic Park Las Vegas Nevada


Springs Preserve

Hundreds of years ago, the party began here. Springs Preserve is the city’s birthplace, despite appearances. This 180-acre landmark tells Las Vegas’s past, present, and future. You’re not entering a fortune booth. Sin City has art, hiking trails, and shows. The preserve is home to the Nevada State Museum, which explores the silver state’s history starting in prehistoric times. 

Springs Preserve Vegas Nevada


Golden Gate Casino

You have arrived at the original casino of all the old casinos in Las Vegas. Let that fact sink in for a moment: the Golden Gate Casino opened its doors for the very first time in 1906, which is roughly the same year that the majority of our great-grandparents were born. The casino has never been demolished, even though it used to be called the Hotel Nevada.

Golden Gate Casino Vegas Nevada


Hoover Dam

Near the stunning city of Las Vegas is a collection of historic landmarks, the most famous of which is the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam was completed on schedule because it had a budget. Since it’s one of the top 10 architectural achievements of the 20th century, everyone wants to see it in their lifetime. Because of this, the dam sees an average of more than one million visitors per year.

Hoover Dam Vegas Nevada


Ward Charcoal Ovens

Historic charcoal furnaces in the shape of beehives can be seen in the northeastern part of Nevada. The height of the ovens, which are constructed out of stone that was mined from the hills in the area, is close to 30 feet. Only for a short period of time was charcoal produced in this location. After the silver smelters in the surrounding area of Ward closed their doors, there was no longer a demand for the charcoal, and thus, the ovens were left abandoned. The beehive ovens have a long history of being put to a variety of uses, including that of a hiding place for stagecoach bandits, as well as a place of refuge for stockmen and prospectors.

Ward Charcoal Ovens Vegas Nevada


Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Rail travel has a long and illustrious history in Ely, stretching all the way back to the early 1900s. Freight and passenger trains served the area. Similar to the situation in many other regions, the rail service deteriorated and eventually ended. A trip to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum often consists of going on a ride on an old steam train, looking around in the gift stores, and exploring the grounds of the museum itself.

Nevada Northern Railway Museum Vegas Nevada


Fort Churchill State Historic Park

The early settlers in Nevada were given protection by the construction of Fort Churchill. Fort construction began in July 1860 and continued into the following year, when it was finally finished. During the American Civil War, Fort Churchill served as a supply depot for the Union Army, and there were as many as 200 soldiers stationed at the fort at any given time. Silver Springs, Nevada is home to the Fort Churchill State Historical Park, which can be found at 1000 Highway 95A. Carson City, Nevada is located approximately 50 miles to the northeast of Fort Churchill.

Fort Churchill State Historic Park Vegas Nevada


Rhyolite Ghost Town

In the early part of the year 1905, the town of Rhyolite was only one of several mining camps that came up in response to a discovery made by prospectors in the hills around it. During the subsequent gold rush, thousands of prospectors traveled to the Bullfrog Mining District in hopes of finding gold. The Rhyolite historic townsite, which is described as “one of the most photographed ghost towns in the West,” is cared for and preserved by the Bureau of Land Management.

Rhyolite Ghost Town Vegas Nevada


Belmont Ghost Town

Belmont was a silver mining town that operated in the 1870s. Even though it was only successful for about 20 years, there are still some interesting places in the area, like the courthouse. This high desert settlement formerly boasted two saloons, several dining establishments, a post office, a bank, a school, and a population large enough to sustain not one but two newspapers.

Belmont Ghost Town Vegas Nevada


Gold Point Nevada

When there were 2,000 inhabitants in the area at one time, the streets supported the typical number of saloons, hotels, and stores. The mines produced $1 million in gold and silver. Today, there are only about a dozen people living in the area, but during some special occasions, such as the annual Day after Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner or the Memorial Day Weekend Chili Cook-Off, the number can reach as high as 400.

Gold Point Nevada Vegas Nevada

Tonopah Mining Park

The Tonopah Mining Museum can be found in Tonopah, also known as the Queen of the Silver Camps. A 100-acre park and museum will preserve Nevada’s mining history. Travelers are free to walk the grounds and investigate the numerous historical structures and relics. It is now possible to peer into the Tonopah District’s most profitable mine thanks to the restoration of an underground tunnel that provides access to the shaft. Only a trestle from the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad remains in this park. Tonopah Historic Mining Park is located in Tonopah, Nevada at 110 Burro Avenue.

Tonopah Mining Park Vegas Nevada



Historic places around Las Vegas are worth exploring if you want to learn more about the area’s history. Nevada’s historic landmarks and places offer an insight into the past. If you’re looking for an interesting day trip or just want to brush up on your Nevada history, be sure to check out some of these locations. And, if you need new locks for your home or business, be sure to contact USA Lock & Key Las Vegas! Our team is happy to assist you with any lock-related needs.

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