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As soon as you realize that your home and someone has broken into, it’s natural to panic. But before you start worrying about what the burglar took and how they got in, make sure your family is safe and secure again by calling your local locksmith. A locksmith can help with both safety and security. From inspecting and assessing what will be the best security system to get to avoid another break-in.

The break-in has happened

You’re in shock. After being burglarized, you need to get help. You need to call the police and report what has happened. This will give them a record of your home burglary and allow them to investigate it if necessary. What’s the next step, though? You still have that nagging feeling at the back of your head. Worst of all is that you still don’t feel safe after reporting the crime. 

Calling a locksmith is recommended after the break-ins occurred. They can help you get back into your home as soon as possible. It’s important for your peace of mind that you know that everything is locked up tight again. No one could hurt you or your family while you are resting in your abode.

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What steps should I take after a break-in before calling a locksmith?

You should first call the police. It’s important to get a description of an intruder as soon as possible. You can better describe them when law enforcement arrives.

It’s also important to note that if you’re unable to get a good description, it’s still worth calling the police anyway. They’ll be able to help you with any follow-up questions or concerns that might come up later on in the investigation process. 

Try to inspect the locks yourself and check if all your keys are still in your house. It’s important to have information like this ready so that the locksmith will be able to know what kind of services they can offer when they get there.

You need a locksmith ASAP

If you’ve had a break-in and would like to make sure your locks are secure again, a locksmith can help. They can make sure that your locks are repaired and working properly. They can also change out any old or damaged ones that may be causing you problems. This way, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your home is safe once again.

It’s usually recommended to replace the locks if you suspect that your keys may have been taken or if the locks were the reason they were able to break-in in the first place. Not only does this make your home more secure, but it also prevents the possibility of further damage being done. Even if nothing seems to have been taken or damaged, changing the locks can greatly reduce your risk of becoming another victim again in the future. 

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How can a locksmith help after a break-in?

Locksmiths should be able to make your home secure again. They will assess the damage done during a break-in and recommend ways to repair or replace damaged locks and security devices. He or she may also be able to install new locks that are more resistant to forced entry. They can also add security devices such as panic bars on windows and doors. Let’s try to break down some of the services they offer:

Changing locks

If your home has been broken into and you want to change the locks so that it’s difficult for an intruder to get in again, a locksmith can do that for you. They will come to your house, take measurements of all the doors and windows and then go out and purchase the new hardware required for each one. In some cases, they may also need to replace any damaged window frames as well.

Installing new locks on existing doors

If you have an older home with old-fashioned deadbolts that use a key in order to unlock them from inside the house, then having these replaced with newer models installed by professional locksmiths is an essential step towards keeping intruders out of your home in the future.

Rekeying existing keys

Rather than replacing them altogether, rekeying existing keys allows users to retain access to their doors where locksmiths rekey existing keys by using the old key to make a copy of a new one. They use a lock rekeying machine to accomplish this. This involves inserting the old key into one side and inserting the new one into another side. The machine then copies both keys at once. This makes it possible for them to be used as copies of each other.

Resetting locks

By nature, burglars know how to break into a house. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again if they get the chance. If you notice signs of forced entry at your home, such as torn screens or holes in windowsills, it’s possible that someone has attempted to jimmy or pick your lock. This could be due to carelessness or an attempt by vandals hoping for easy entry and quick escape. Locksmiths reset locks by using a lock pick or opening tool.

The lock pick is inserted into the keyhole and manipulated in such a way that the internal pins are aligned and the lock opens. The opening tool is inserted into the keyhole and used to manage the internal pins so that they are aligned, allowing for the lock to open.

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Updating your door security

If you want the highest level of protection, the locksmith will recommend installing deadbolts on all exterior doors, as well as keys that require more than one person to unlock them so that no one person has access to all the keys in case of an emergency situation. They may also suggest installing window bars or other security features like hinges with built-in locks and high-tech electronic options for opening doors remotely using keypads or touch screens inside your house. Locksmiths will help make sure these devices are correctly installed so that intruders cannot easily get inside again.

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