As a car owner, getting locked out of your car is a frustrating and anxiety-inducing experience. In these situations, you need to find reliable and trustworthy locksmith services right away. However, it's important to be aware that locksmith scams exist, and unscrupulous locksmiths may deceive car owners to make a quick profit. To avoid falling victim to these scams, here are some tips to help you find a trustworthy emergency car locksmith.

The Importance of Hiring a Reliable Emergency Car Locksmith

When your car keys are lost, stolen, or locked inside your car, time is of the essence. You need to find a professional emergency car locksmith who can help you regain access to your car as quickly as possible. But in your hurry to do so, there are several scams that locksmiths might try to pull, which can result in you being overcharged with substandard services.

Emergency Car Locksmith: Common Scams to Beware of

Scammers use various tricks to take advantage of people who are desperate for a quick solution when locked out of their car. Some common scams to beware of include:

  • Bait and Switch: A common scam is a locksmith quoting a low price over the phone, only to increase it significantly once they arrive. The customer, being in a rush, often pays the inflated fee to regain access to their car.
  • Drilling or Replacing Your Locks: Some locksmiths damage your locks intentionally to make you buy a new car lock and charge you more money for the service.
  • Unauthorized Duplicate Keys: Some locksmiths may make unauthorized duplicates of the car owner's keys so they can access vehicles without permission.


Here are some FAQs and answers to help you identify and avoid locksmith scams:

How can I tell if a locksmith is legitimate?

Look for an established, licensed, and insured locksmith who provides clear pricing and quotes before starting work. Check for multiple reviews from different sources online.

Should I accept an unreasonably low quote?

No, you should always ask for a detailed breakdown of charges before the locksmith starts work.

Can a locksmith charge any amount they want?

No, the state regulates locksmith pricing. Before hiring a locksmith, check the average prices for their services in your state.

Should I let the locksmith drill my locks?

Drilling locks are not standard practice and should only be done when no other option can open your car. Ensure to get a detailed quote before that, and the locksmith provides you with a new lock to replace the drilled one.

How can I protect myself from locksmith scammers?

Always ask for identification, clear pricing, insurance, and licensing. Try to find a dependable locksmith well before an emergency arises.


In conclusion, staying alert and proactive is necessary for avoiding locksmith scams. It is important to have a reliable emergency car locksmith number saved which will ensure that if an unfortunate situation arises, you have a known and credible service to rely on. Don't let desperation override your commonsense – take the time to do your research and find a reputable and trustworthy emergency car locksmith before you need one.