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So, your car keys are lost. What should you do? Well, there are a few steps and things to think about if you have lost car keys. Losing your car keys can be incredibly stressful, especially when you’re not sure what to do in the situation. However, you’ll find that there are a lot of different steps you can take in regards to what to do if your car keys are lost. This article gives you some of those things to think about and the possible options you have if your car keys are lost. Keep reading to learn more!

What To Do If Your Car Keys Are Lost?

When you are in a panic, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and forget about what steps you should actually take. So, your keys may be lost, but here are just a few considerations that come to mind.

If your car keys are lost you have several options to deal with the problem. You can either go out and buy a new key, have a locksmith create a new one or get copies made, or you can contact your car’s warranty company to help you with the situation.

If Your Keys Are Stolen

If you realize that your keys have been stolen, you’ll need to contact the police as soon as possible so that officers can take control of the situation.  You’ll also need to get a car key replacement and have the engine control unit erased so that the stolen key can no longer be utilized. To prevent people from stealing your vehicle, it’s very important that you complete this as soon as possible in order to avoid future problems.

Try To Find A Spare

If you have lost your car keys, the first thing you should do is try and find a spare. The majority of individuals have an extra vehicle key, whether it’s a remote or a manual key. You should always try to see if you can locate it, as well as attempt to use it before calling for help. If you do have a spare key, you may avoid having to contact emergency assistance and instead be able to get a new key made.

While it might be a bit of a hassle, this is the safest option as there’s no risk of having your car stolen or damaged by having no way to lock it. Start by looking in all the obvious places like your jacket pockets and glove compartment, as well as under the car seat and in any other place where you might have put them down.

If they’re not there, try asking someone else who has access to the vehicle. For example, a member of your family if they’re nearby. You could also try calling up local locksmiths and garages in case someone has handed them in as lost property.

If you still can’t locate your missing keys after trying everything above, then it’s time to call for some professional help. An automotive locksmith will come out and assess the situation with you before offering their services. Whether that be replacing your lost key or cutting new ones for you.

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Consult A Car Locksmith

Car keys are a precious item and we often don’t realize how important they are until we lose them. The process of replacing lost car keys can be frustrating. Especially if you don’t have the right information to help you along with the process. An automotive locksmith is your best option if you need the issue resolved as soon as possible. A locksmith with specialized training in automotive keys and locks is known as an auto locksmith.

They can help you with a variety of different problems such as replacing your lost or stolen car key. However, you must be careful who you call since not all locksmiths have the training necessary to work on cars. Auto locksmiths will easily be able to replace your lost or stolen car key since they have blank keys and recording devices in their vehicles.

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Why Choose an Automotive Locksmith for Lost Car Keys?

If you have ever been in a situation where you have lost your car keys, then you know how frustrating it can be. Car dealerships can take days to make new ones. If they are not available, then you might have to spend a couple of hundred dollars on them. If you do not want to go through this hassle, then you should hire an automotive locksmith. Locksmiths can make new keys within minutes.

This means that they do not need to wait for weeks just to get the right key made by the dealership. The key will be ready within minutes after making an appointment with them.

Information you should have on hand

When you call an automotive locksmith, it’s ideal to have the following information on hand to help the matter be fixed as fast as possible:

  • The registration plate number
  • Model and make of your car
  • Your VIN number. You can locate the vehicle identification number (VIN) in your V5C paperwork.
  • To prove your ownership of the car, provide your picture ID.
  • Your exact location

Most auto locksmiths have key programming equipment on hand. They can change keys for practically any make and model of a car without having to order the necessary parts from a third party. This may make using an auto locksmith your fastest alternative in getting back into your car quickly.

Mechanics are not always inclined to make new keys in moments of emergency. In such instances, an auto locksmith is your best option. When compared to getting a new key from a car dealership, hiring an auto locksmith is frequently less expensive. It may take days for a new key that you order from the automaker to arrive. So, an auto locksmith is your best option if you urgently need a car key replacement. In one visit, the majority of auto locksmiths ought to be able to make you a new set of keys.

Go Through Your Insurance

If your keys have been taken, you may need to have the engine control unit and alarms reprogrammed. A comprehensive insurance policy will cover this cost. They might lend you car for you to use until you get new keys. Or an auto locksmith sent out directly by your provider, depending on which one you require.

Depending on how your no claims incentive operates, your premium could not be impacted. Picking up a replacement key out of pocket might be better if claiming one increases your premium because doing so could end up saving you money in the long term.

Get in touch with a nearby car dealership for your lost car keys

If you are looking for quick and efficient service, then you should consider using a nearby car dealership or an automotive locksmith. When you choose to use a local car dealership, you could be facing a long wait. It could be due to the possibility that they may not have all the necessary equipment on hand. If the dealership does have it, it will probably take time for them to order a blank key fob. They will also need to program your duplicated key. They will cut a new key fob out of a computerized template as well.

Here’s What We Suggest

If your car keys are lost or stolen, hiring an automotive locksmith will be the quickest, cheapest, and finest course of action for you. In a single visit, they ought to be able to reset your automobile and replace a car key. This allows you to go on with your day as soon as possible.

Find your local auto locksmith today if you require a replacement car key for your vehicle.

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