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When you lose a set of keys, get a new home, or just want the keys for your house’s locks to match, your first impulse is generally to change the locks. Many individuals are unaware that there is a second choice: rekeying. This may be a significantly less expensive and more practical alternative to changing a lock. Let’s look at rekeying vs. changing locks to learn what the distinction is and when it may be more beneficial for you to rekey your property instead of replacing locks.

How Rekeying Works

Rekeying means changing a lock on the inside so that it fits with a new key. It’s not the same as replacing a lock entirely because you can use the same lock housing, bolt, and door hardware to work with the new key. Rekeying a lock does not compromise the security of the lock, and it does not make it any more secure. The amount of pins in a lock is one of the factors that contribute to its security. The locksmith will simply replace the old 5 pins with new ones, leaving the lock exactly as secure as before.

Rekeying is usually less expensive than replacing the entire lock with a new one because it only requires changing the pins inside the lock to work with a different key. When you’re rekeying a lock, it’s also important to change any other locks on your property that use the same key — otherwise, anyone who has access to one of those locks could still get into your home if they have an old key.

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When Should You Rekey?

While you don’t need to rekey as frequently as you change your passwords, there are some circumstances where it’s a good idea to rekey your locks. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider rekeying:

  • Your keys have been stolen or lost.
  • You have a new housemate moving in.
  • You are changing concierge services who have a copy of your house key.
  • You have had a falling out with someone who has a copy of your home key.
  • You live in an apartment building and the locks are not changed between tenants.
  • You have recently purchased a new home and are unsure how many people have copies of the keys to your new home (such as the previous owners, their friends, contractors, etc.)

When To Replace Your Locks

Some situations call for replacing your entire lock and not just rekeying it. Consider replacing your lock if:

  • If you lose the key to your lock, or if it is damaged and can no longer be used, changing the whole unit is more cost-effective.
  • You want an upgrade or if your lock is old. If you already have high-quality locks, rekeying them is the best option.
  • It’s falling apart or rusting. If it becomes trapped and lubrication fails to help, it’s time to install a new one.
  • Your locks are different brands and types, and you want them all to work with the same key.
  • Whenever a lock needs to be replaced completely, whether it’s because it is damaged beyond repair or because you need to upgrade it for better security, our expert locksmith will remove the old one and install a new one in its place.

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Rekeying or replacing lock?

For many commercial situations, the cost of modifying a lock can be prohibitive. This is where rekeying comes into play. It’s cheaper for the business and safer for their staff. They can put all their locks on individual keys or one master key and only have to keep track of one set of keys. However, when it comes to residential use, it can be more cost-effective to replace them. replacing locks is more costly upfront but they don’t need to be re-keyed later on so the overall savings are greater than if you spend less to re-key them. Deciding whether to rekey or replace your locks depends on what type of door hardware you have and why you need it changed in the first place.

Whether you need your locks rekeyed or replaced, hiring a professional locksmith is the best way to ensure it’s done right.

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