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There are many dangers in Las Vegas Nevada. There are a lot of things to keep an eye out for, from pickpockets to thieves. For a reason, Las Vegas is known as the “Sin City.” There are many dangers lurking in the city that tourists and locals alike should be aware of. Las Vegas has everything from gangs and drugs to scams and violent crime. If you’re planning on visiting or living in Las Vegas, be sure to take precautions to stay safe. There are plenty of resources available to help you do so, so don’t let the dangers keep you from enjoying everything this fantastic city has to offer!


The Dangers of Las Vegas Nevada to avoid!

Common Las Vegas Travel Scams

Las Vegas is a haven for those looking to scam gullible travelers. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, street vendors have been caught selling used water bottles refilled with tap water.

Be wary of buying “VIP passes” from people on the street or in a casino, as they could be fake. Even accepting free “VIP passes” and showing up where you’re supposed to can waste your time: Once you get there, other promoters may scam you further. Use a trusted service to buy VIP passes and other tickets.


The Strip’s clubs and casinos overpay for drinks and inflate prices because they know visitors have no other option. Don’t fall for this. Downtown Las Vegas is a fun place to drink cheaply.

In downtown, casinos, bars, and watering holes provide specialty cocktails, beer, wine, and other drinks at genuine prices. Also, if you’re gambling, you’ll get free cocktails (tip!). Downtown Las Vegas is where the locals go.

Las Vegas Nevada Cocktails


High Resort Fees

Most people forget that most hotels on The Strip have exorbitant resort fees. If you’re not attentive, these costs can add to $50 per night. These costs can add up rapidly if you stay more than one night in Las Vegas.

Stay at hotels with minimal or no resort fees in Las Vegas. With package offers and seasonal promotions, several downtown Las Vegas hotels offer discounted room rates and resort fees.

Las Vegas Nevada Sahara Las Vegas


Downtown Las Vegas

This part of Las Vegas is unsafe. Downtown crime is 93% higher than the national average. You have a 1 in 19 chance of becoming a crime victim in Las Vegas, though many of those crimes are pickpocketing or other petty theft.

Crime is decreasing thanks to the Container Park, Freemont experience, and other improvements. You should get a ride to these areas and leave afterward. Don’t wander Downtown at night into unlit or tourist-free areas.

Las Vegas Nevada Downtown Las Vegas



Want an assault, robbery, or gunpoint holdup? Huntridge is another dangerous Las Vegas neighborhood. Numerous reports of crime throughout the day explain why it got a F for crime.

Modern homes were built to improve the area’s appearance. Crime is rampant, and unemployment and poverty are high. This area’s property prices skyrocketed due to the flipping craze. Many scammers still try to sell worthless property to unsuspecting investors.

Naked City

There are a lot of individuals that are going to wander the Las Vegas strip, and you are more than welcome to join them. However, you might want to consider stopping after the Encore. Naked City is located just to the west of the Stratosphere, which is a large tower located at the very end of the Las Vegas Strip. Taxis won’t go there at night, and residents and visitors alike agree that it’s one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

Meadows Village

Meadow’s Village is tucked away in western Las Vegas. Imagine a small town in the center of a major city where everyone knows their neighbor. Sadly, this is another deadly region of the city.

At Meadows Mall, auto theft, violence, and burglary are common. It’s advisable to avoid this region due to frequent gun reports.

West Las Vegas

West Las Vegas gets an F for crime, so avoid it unless you prefer being a victim. This extremely historic neighborhood of Las Vegas was struck hard by the recession. This low-income region is near to the Strip, but you shouldn’t go there.

East Las Vegas / Whitney

This Las Vegas area gets an F for the crime. Tourists and newbies should avoid this city, where the crime rate is 191% greater than the national average.

Unfortunately, many extended stay motels are in this area, especially around Boulder Highway. People planning to move to Las Vegas may stay in one of these cheap hotels while shopping for a new house. Best tip? Avoid this location unless you appreciate risking your life.

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for many reasons: the casinos, the nightlife, and of course, the weather. However, as with any city, there are certain areas that visitors should avoid. If you’re planning on visiting Sin City anytime soon, be sure to remember these tips to avoid the dangers in Las Vegas Nevada

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