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When you’re looking for a locksmith company, you want to make sure that you’re hiring the right people. That’s why it’s important to do your research before you hire anyone—and especially before you hire a locksmith. If you can’t tell if an individual is genuine or not, then how can you trust them with your home or business?

To help you avoid the most common scams, we’ve put together this list of tips that will help you identify and avoid fake locksmiths.

Look for a local address

If you’re looking for a locksmith, start by looking for a local address. Google the company’s name and see if they have an address in your area. This is especially important if you are going to pay in person or with cash. Scammers will often send someone from out of town to rip people off.

If you see that the business has a local branch and an actual office location in your city, then it’s likely that this is not a scammer but rather a legitimate company that can provide quality service. You should also make sure that their website displays information about their licensing status. In most cases, this will be indicated on the site. If there isn’t any reference to licensing on their website or elsewhere online, then chances are high that you’re dealing with scammers who are just trying to get money from customers without providing any legitimate services at all!

Watch out for an unmarked vehicle

If a locksmith comes to your door in an unmarked vehicle, that’s a big red flag. Locksmiths are supposed to have signs on their cars that say what they do and who they work for. If you don’t see one of those signs, be careful. The reason why it’s so important that they advertise is that they need to make sure people know that they’re legitimate and won’t rip them off.

Another thing you can look out for is whether or not the person is dressed professionally. Or at least reasonably well. Locksmiths should always wear professional clothing when working with customers. People will be able to tell the difference between them and other professionals who may also wear uniforms. Just like security guards and firefighters. If someone knocks on your door wearing jeans and an old t-shirt, it could be a sign of trouble!

If this happens to you—and especially if you think something might be up—it’s important not just to get away from them as soon as possible but also to report them if possible. It may seem like nothing much happened at first glance but remember: these scammers do what they can because it pays off big time when someone falls prey!

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Don’t pay the locksmith upfront

If you’re going to be working with locksmiths for the first time, stay away from paying upfront. This doesn’t apply only if you’re hiring an emergency locksmith. It applies to anyone who may show up at your door and claim they are there to help.

Ask for a breakdown of everything that you are expected to pay. Make sure there are no surprises along the way.

Ask a locksmith for an estimate in writing before the job is done

If a locksmith is coming to your home to work on your lock, it’s important that you get an estimate in writing. Do this before the job is done. This will give you time to compare prices between different locksmiths. Also, make sure the one who shows up at your house has enough information about what needs to be done.

Before letting a locksmith into your home, ask for an estimate of how much it will cost for services. If they can’t provide one or won’t provide one until after they start working on your lock, look elsewhere for help.

Be sure that whoever comes into your house knows where it is located and has all of the contact information. Like your address and phone number. They need this in case something goes wrong during the service call (for example: if they get lost).

Call multiple locksmiths to compare prices

Before you commit to any locksmith, call several companies and get an estimate. The best way to avoid getting ripped off is by getting a quote from multiple companies before you agree on anything. Many scam artists will inflate their prices. In order to trick unsuspecting victims, it pays to shop around before making a decision.

When dealing with locksmiths, make sure that they don’t ask for payment upfront unless they have already completed the job (i.e., if they have already replaced your lock). If there is any doubt about their legitimacy as a business or individual, then refuse to pay until the job has been completed satisfactorily and all charges are agreed upon in writing beforehand.

There are ways to protect yourself from a fraudulent locksmith

As a consumer, you need to be aware of the signs of a fraudulent locksmith. If you suspect that a company is not legitimate, take your business elsewhere.

It’s also important that you don’t allow any stranger into your home without first verifying their identity with the police or another trusted source (like Better Business Bureau).

Additionally, if someone claims that they are a “locksmith” but shows up in an unmarked car or van. This may be another sign that he may be trying to scam people out of money. By pretending he works with local businesses such as locksmiths near me.

We know that there are a lot of steps to go through before calling for help from a locksmith. It’s always easier to call the first person that you find and just get on with it. However, there are many scammers out there so be wary. It’s always safer to take all of these steps into consideration before calling a locksmith.

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