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Getting locked out of your own home is a lot more common than you think. It’s one of the most common emergencies that locksmiths encounter. Once you find yourself in this situation, think about what you want to do next. Home lockout is no fun especially if you’re not prepared for it. We’ve put together a few tips to make this stressful situation easier for you just in case it’s happening right now or in case you’re reading this for future reference.

Relax and Breathe

Before you do anything, relax for a moment. Take a deep breath, and then exhale slowly to release the tension in your body. As you are doing this, try to think of solutions that will help you get out of your situation. If possible, do not panic or become frustrated or angry at yourself or others; it won’t help the situation at all!

Instead, try to stay calm and think of possible ways you could get back inside your home. You won’t be able to think straight if you only focus on the problem.

Try to find any spare keys

The first thing to do is search around the house for spare keys. Check in obvious places like under a mat or flower pot, in an envelope near the door frame, and any other place where a key might be hidden. If you have young children or family members who are forgetful about locking doors behind them when they leave the house then it’s not uncommon for them to hide their spare key somewhere safe until they need it again later on.

If none of your family members own any extra sets of keys then there could be another possibility: if someone else lives with you such as an elderly relative or friend that might have their own set of keys which would allow them access into your home whenever needed. Your landlord may also have one too so make sure to ask them if this is possible before attempting anything else.

home lockout other ways to enter the house

Try to find other ways to enter the house

If you have a window that opens, try to open it and get inside. You may have some spare keys inside that you could use for duplication.

If you can’t find any open windows, you can check for other access doors such as hidden basement doors or doors from the back of the house.

Only attempt to try and break your windows to get access to the house if you are in any immediate danger or in an emergency like for example someone is having an allergy attack and you need to get inside to get an EpiPen. 

You could also consider waiting for the police and your locksmith inside a neighbor’s house if it is dangerous for you to be outside and you don’t want to damage your house while forcing your way in.

Call a 24-hour locksmith

If you find yourself locked out, the first thing to do is contact a 24-hour locksmith. A locksmith will be able to help you gain access to your home and give you options for getting back in. They are available 24 hours a day, so if it’s after hours and no one else is around, you can call them on the phone. You may also want to ask friends or family if they know of anyone who works as a locksmith; sometimes these jobs are passed down from generation to generation.

Ask them what your options are

Ask the locksmith what their rates are. The best locksmiths will give you an estimate over the phone, but if they don’t, just ask them how much it would cost to unlock your home.

If they have a better price than anyone else and you can afford it all at once, go ahead and set up an appointment. However, keep in mind that this could be a scam artist who just wants to charge a price for their services and has no intention of actually unlocking your door. If that sounds like what’s going on here (and if you doubt their credibility), we recommend sticking with someone with great reviews from people you know or from online reviews.

You may also want to consider asking about any discounts available such as senior citizen discounts or military service members discounts; these could save some serious cash. You should also inquire about any other special offers such as free lock installation.

They might share with you that you can have your locks replaced or have them rekeyed. Think of your options and find out which ones work best for you.

Get an insurance-provided locksmith

If you’re a homeowner, one of the best ways to avoid a lockout situation is by having an insurance-provided locksmith on hand. Your insurance company usually provides a list of approved locksmiths and the number of ones that are local to you. The next step is to check into their history and make sure they are licensed, insured, and have no complaints filed against them. Once you’ve done this, call the locksmith to see if they are available and discuss how much it would cost for them to come out today.

24 hour locksmith for home lockout

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